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Types of Treadmills  

Treadmills are considered to be the well known pieces of exercise equipment purchased by most of the people. These treadmills are easy to use and regarded as the most effective calorie burners for most of the people. One can use these treadmills for jogging, walking or running. One can perform these exercises at home or gym. Basically, there are two types of treadmills and they are:-

  • Manual Treadmills
  • Motorized Treadmills

Manual Treadmills

In manual treadmill, the belt is moved by the friction and movement of the feet. This treadmill provides one benefit such as it can be easily transferred from one place to another and is inexpensive. This treadmill can be available in the best quality and in this treadmill no mechanical parts are attached for running. The intensity of workout is limited than the motorized treadmills.

Motorized Treadmills

These treadmills provide more intense workout than manual treadmills. The belt of the treadmill moves on its own and the speed is maintained by the person and the movement is done according to the belt. This treadmill is very expensive and this is a great investment for the home gym. The quality of the motor is the main focus of this treadmill. One should consider the following features in mind while purchasing motorized treadmills such as construction, continuous horsepower, warranty, peak horsepower, belt size and gadgetry.

There are many other types of treadmills like:-

  • Fold up Models
  • Heavy-duty designs for runners
  • Models designed for walkers
  • Models which can adjust workout and monitor heart rate

Treadmills are also classified as – Home treadmills and Commercial treadmills. Home treadmills are used by people at home and commercial treadmills are used by people in gyms. Home treadmills are cheap and can be available with higher quality and are designed for running and carrying out their workouts. There is a tough competition in the treadmill industry. There are hundreds of different types of treadmills available in the market.

There are folding treadmills which are widely sold for home purposes. They save the space as they can be folded and kept under a bed or in a closet very easily. Commercial treadmills are also used in various commercial setting like office of doctor. These treadmills contain a high power motor, have a more rugged look and are bulky. Home treadmills are also used in light commercial settings like small hotel gyms. The basic difference between home and commercial treadmills are the type of usage and length of warranty.

So, there are various types of treadmills which a person can buy but before buying, the person should look the reviews and features of the treadmills.

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